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Two coat stucco system consists of water resistive barrier (paper), foam, 1” x 20 gauge wire and all metal grounds. A two coat proprietary mixture of Portland cement, fiber and other additives is factory blended and packaged in 80 lb. bags, its field mixed with sand (meeting ASTM C897) at a ratio of approximately 200-240 pounds per 80 lb. bag and water to an applicable consistency. This mix is applied at 3/8” to ½” thickness over lath and darbled for straightness, and then floated with a neoprene or sponge-float (depending on type of finish to be applied). Thickness and hydration of base coat is crucial to the longevity of this system. Finish coat (texture coat) is then applied to the base coat in the form of a cement and lime texture or acrylic finish. Please refer to ES report ESR1471 for further technical data.