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Not all building exteriors age at the same rate. The deterioration may be exhibited in multiple forms such as: delaminating cracking, flaking or peeling. All factor into the failure of wall claddings and, if not treated, can lead to further damage in your structure. We at ILP are committed to restoring and refinishing your exterior cladding with the knowledge and experience of our team. ILP works with manufacturers to utilize the research and scientific testing of the products that are available in our industry today, allowing us to offer manufactures 3, 5 and 7 year labor and material warranties using acrylic finishes. As a percentage approximately 80% of all stucco is painted and we understand the importance of the installation of paint coatings, installing the paint to a proper mill thickness and to all manufacturers’ specifications is crucial to longevity of your system in the desert heat. ILP offers the installation of specially designed paint systems that offer extended warranties from the manufacturer. Our mission in restoring your exterior cladding or renewing the look of your old building is to provide a complete system from a single source of experts that will provide extreme quality and professionalism using the most up to date technology.